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Enjoy the privileges of jet ownership without all the time-consuming responsibilities related.
C>FLY Aviation is ready to offer you a Full Aircraft Management Program.

We will take care of all daily operation routines, including but not limited to: Scheduled and unschedule maintenance routines, Passenger and crew Support during trips, fuel purchase management, Handling and all other arrangements required before and during international flights. We will ensure a smooth and hassle free operation.

By joining forces with several aircraft operators, C>FLY Aviation is able to decrease variable and fixed operations cost, every flight and every year.

Compared to a standalone managed operation, C>FLY will increase the savings as we manage a fleet of aircraft with frequent operation.

Our operation team is ready to negotiate all flight related costs, including fuel prices every flight and at most destinations in the world.

We also negotiate your aircraft insurance every year, only with major insurance carriers and brokers. The high standards applied to operation, crew training and maintenance overview will revert to a better quote for your asset.

All cost reduction obtained by C>FLY Aviation management program is fully applied to your operation costs.

Our accounting team will provide you a complete and accurate summary of all aircraft, crew and operation expenses, always compared with the best market references.

Our company will provide the following services for your needs:
Aviation Industry Consulting

  • Aircraft Brokerage
  • Asset Management
  • Fleet Management

Our company is focused on:

  • Operational Safety
  • User Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Human Resources Management